A Productive Day At The Castle…And Other Locations

Today has been a rare day of getting things done. Normally I can find hundreds of reasons not to do something but today I was feeling productive. I still managed to have a nice lie in waking up at 10am…and then again at 11.30am. I’m not sure what happened there, one moment I was awake the next I was waking up again.

First on the list was to sort out postage of one of the collectibles I’ve managed to sell. This involved a trip to the local shops to get some brown wrapping paper and I decided to use this trip as an excuse to finally go to Caerphilly Castle. Despite having lived less than five minutes away from the castle for six months this would be my first trip inside, my excuse has been the weather, which up until now has been atrocious. As I entered into the ticket office the woman behind the desk perked up smelling a sale and looked decidedly disappointed when I flashed my free entry card (living close by I am entitled to free entry). She printed my ticket off and in I went to get me some free history! I love castles there’s something about walking somewhere so old and really brings meaning to the expression ‘if walls could talk’. Unfortunately these walls would say that much as I later learnt that a lot of the walls had been rebuilt in the 19th century (still old but not as old as the original castle).

Even though it’s the school holidays the castle remained almost empty so I was a little miffed that somehow I seemed to be followed by three New Zealanders and there sodding video camera. I did manage to lose them at one point by almost racing up a spiral staircase but due to the castles maze like grounds I soon found myself back under their gaze and by this point they added a group of Muslims to their herd. I managed to see most of the castle but as the weather closed in I left to get my brown paper, an essential part of any properly wrapped parcel.

Once home I set to work bubble wrapping the parcel and making sure it was bomb proof (or at the very least post man proof) and once finished it was back out in to the cold to post it. Whilst I was out I had to do some food shopping and once again an old lady asked me to fetch something off the top shelf, this time it was a pack of strawberry ice creams. Is it just me this happens to, because it’s becoming a regular thing for me after I blogged about it last time. The ice creams she wanted were right at the back of the fridge making me wonder if she set it up for another of these specialist old lady websites presumably this time featuring my erect nipples since I had to lean right in. Old ladies are sick, who would even think a website like that up!

I retreated to the safety of my own home where and switched on the computer and once I’d finished looking and today actually applying for some jobs I clicked on to iTunes, my old foe Apple drawing me back into battle. As soon as I opened the program a message popped up ‘update available’. I’m always weary of these updates as my iPhone in jail broken (the process of making the iPhone an actual worthwhile purchase). A quick look on the Internet revealed my suspicions were correct, installing this update would render my phone useless! Apple 0 Me 1. When will they learn that everyone wants to be able to customize their phone, without jail breaking you can’t even set a text message tone for crying out loud! Madness!

More madness was found in the news today with the reveal of the new statue which is to be built next to the Olympic stadium in London. A nice idea maybe but when the design is as radical (i.e. naff) as it is people are going to object. It will stand taller than The Statue of Liberty which only makes it worse, if it were small it could be ignored passed off as a good attempt, better luck next time. With it being in your face they’ll be no escape from this giant sculpture. It’s supposed to incorporate the five Olympic rings which it kind of does if you can imagine they’ve been thrown together in a heap by a giant toddler. The man behind the sculpture, Anish Kapoor, has designed some great pieced of architecture around the world, sadly none of it in Britain. So why do we always get the crap left over’s like the Gherkin and the Millennium Dome. Whatever happened to simple designs that everyone can enjoy, looking at the sculpture I’m not sure why there are not more artists in the world…ahh that’s right they know their shit so don’t bother.


It’s 9.50pm and I’m only just now sitting down to write today’s blog. I managed to have a fairly nice line in this morning but still had to force myself to get up at 10.30 so that I could help my dad pick up some soil from the garden centre. Is it wrong that I had to force myself up at that time? Possibly. But as always I felt I needed a lie in after all the early starts over the years (the fact I didn’t get to sleep till gone 1am didn’t really help matters).

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I hate blogging at this time of night as I seem to run out of ideas. Its times like these that I wish I never came up with the rule that I have to write a blog every day. Other daily blogs have an entry for each day but can be written days after, with mine having to be written either on or before the day can be a real pain. There’s no way I’m admitting defeat yet as tomorrow will see the second full month of blogging which amazes no one more than me I can assure you.

It’s been a rather strange ride with me discussing all sorts of topics and generally getting things off my chest. I’m still not sure if it’s making me a better writer but I guess the practise is doing me good and I’ve written more than I have since school (probably more). I wonder if this blog would look the same if I’d kept some kind of journal through my school years. I certainly wouldn’t have put it online (even if technology had allowed) as when you’re young you don’t always say what you truly feel for fear of being insulted for your beliefs and ideas. I’m older now and much thicker skinned meaning I can ramble on like this and not care if some stop reading after the first few lines.

I wish I’d felt like that in my school days and been able to stand up for myself more, it certainly would have made for an easier ride. Still that’s the wisdom of age I suppose, even at 24.

Tomorrow when we wake not only will my blog be another month old but we (in Wales at least) will be living I the future, a true digital age. From midnight tonight all analogue television signals will cease, replaced by a digital feed. I’m not sure why they chose Wales to be the first fully digital nation in the UK but I suspect its due to our people verses sheep ratio i.e. the more the sheep there are the lower the amount of television sets and there are a hell of a lot of sheep’s. I’m sure most people already had some kind of digital equipment in their homes well before the digital switchover announcement, except of course for those in the deep valley’s where their lucky just to get a radio signal.

In honour of the switch over today’s blog title spells ‘blog’ in binary (I did have to Google it, I’m not that much of a geek!)

Wenvoe, the last of the transmitters to be switched over, is making a big song and dance about it all the same and whilst driving home from my girlfriend’s house I could see lazars shooting up into the night sky. Bloody irresponsible if you ask me, they were most distracting. Though you can’t blame them for wanting to have a party, not a lot happens in Wales and so any chance for some entertainment is welcomed. Even the arrival of the new food recycling bins recently was cause for celebration, with adverts in the local paper and large welcome packs posted through every door.

Strange what some will celebrate, some would even celebrate this blog…not the blog in its current form obviously but rather when it finally fails and get wiped from the memories of its handful of readers.

Check In Your Bags. Not Your Brain

Although most of the time I hate my job it can occasionally make me smile. Today’s cheek raising was brought on by some of the questions I was asked whilst on check in. We in the airport always say that passengers leave their brains at the door and the first passenger to ask a stupid question had definitely done this. She asked

“My flight is tomorrow, do I check in today or tomorrow?”

To say I was taken aback is an understatement, “umm, tomorrow” was all I could manage to say with a straight face. What on earth was she even doing in the airport if her flights not till tomorrow? I know I get excited about going away and I often can’t sleep but it’s never resulted in me getting to the airport a full 24 hours in advance. The next passenger was even more random with their question after I’d assigned them an aisle seat

“It’s not one of those backward facing seats is it?”

Again I was stumped, I wondered if he was joking or maybe he was slightly gone in the head and thought he was travelling by train. He managed to catch himself before I could answer and looking slightly embarrassed mumbled to himself that it couldn’t possibly be. I often wonder how these people are able to book their flights as it would seem that they don’t have the mental capacity to think straight let alone give their details by phone or over the Internet. Most swear blind that they haven’t been given tickets, of course when they say that there holding them in their hands at the time.

Check in can be a funny thing in its own right for those of us that man the check in desks. Our seated positions under large desks give us the rather unfortunate angle of looking straight up passenger’s noses, revealing all manner of hell. I had a woman today with quite a large snot ball lodged up her nose and I found it quite hard not to stare, I resorted to staring at the computer screen in front of my for fear of bursting in to laughter. She didn’t help matters by wanting to be conversational and I felt quite rude not looking at her so glanced up every so often…the boggy staring back, almost teasing me, wanting me to laugh at its master and creator. I resisted leaving the snot ball to move on to its next victim.

Still it’s an achievement that passengers even it to the right airport I suppose, there are those that go to a different airport altogether (normally Bristol) to catch their flight, only realising their mistake when trying to find the right check in desk. This is the one that really confuses me, fair enough if you go to the wrong check in desk sometimes flight numbers can be similar but to go to the wrong airport requires a whole new level of monumental stupidity.

It’s surprising how often we get phone calls from passengers travelling down the M4 (almost at take off speed) asking if they’ll make it in time. I haven’t spoken to one of these passengers in a while but the last time I did I felt like saying no, you don’t deserve to go. After all they may be a liability who knows what they could do up there, god forbid they mistake the aircraft door for the toilet!

Whenever I get my tickets I almost obsessively check them over making sure all names are correct and even going as far as to ring the airport the day before to confirm the flight times, I’m not sure if half of these struggling passengers even open their confirmation letters until the day.

Whilst travelling home I was glad to discover that this madness isn’t just confined to the airport. You may have heard that Boxer Joe Calzaghe has admitted to using cocaine, now it seems there is a drugs group that thinks he be perfect for the face of an anti drugs campaign. Right, let’s get this straight they want to use this former cocaine user who went on to never lose a fight (winning all of his 46 professional fights), made millions and (until they split not so long back) had a model girlfriend. Yes it’s easy to see how damaging drugs can be.

Please people don’t do drugs. Yes it could lead to unimaginable wealth and happiness but it could also lead to death. Actually that sounds like 50/50 to me….I’m off to find some hard drugs and get hit in the head a lot.

My Rookie Mistake

Today had a much better start to it than yesterday. I was still up early but unlike yesterday my bedroom wasn’t spinning and I managed to escape without stubbing any toes or causing myself any undue harm. Even the drive to work was better and involved a sing along to the classic Toto song Africa. I haven’t heard the song for a few years but was surprised I could remember most of the words. I love these nice non eventful starts to the day as it puts me in a better mood, unfortunately work always finds a way to bring me down. Today’s annoyance came in the form of the passengers I had to check in, all of them managing to over fill their cases resulting in several long hold up’s whilst they re-packed their bags to a more sensible (and non back breaking) weight.

Today saw the launch of Air Lingus in Cardiff and the airport was keen to advertise the fact with lots of balloons and a tribe of jailbait cheerleaders. One passenger (possibly having an American Beauty moment) felt rather embarrassed after failing to spot that the queue he was in had vanished due to his fixation on the girls. I was stood waiting to check him in and called him forward several times but to no avail. Finally he spotted his mistake and sheepishly approached the check in desk.

Normally when a new airline launches the airport is swarming with managers making sure everything goes to plan. However today this was not the case meaning either they really aren’t bothered or none of them were willing to come in on a Sunday (or maybe it was a little of both). It did all seem a bit of a joke as the airline was proudly stating that you can travel to America with them, which you can…just not from Cardiff. This means if you fly from Cardiff you will have to stop and change planes in Dublin, making a long journey even longer. Still I was happy as I got a pack of free Oreos (Highlighting how easily pleased I am)

By the time my little four hour shift had come to an end I was glad to be heading home and looking forward to seeing my bed again. As I climbed back into my tomb I had a quick browse on my iPhone checking Facebook and Twitter, it was then that I made a very rookie mistake, I clicked onto the Sky News app completely forgetting that today formula 1 race had already been run (as the race the week is in Australia). The very first story revealed the winner! I quickly shut down the app not wanting to see any other news from the race and rather loudly called myself a knob head. How could I have forgotten I’d just driven home with the radio off as so not to hear any results but climbing back in to bed had rendered my brain useless. I was so annoyed that I didn’t think I would be able to fall sleep again but with the help of a Stephen Fry Podcast I was soon dead to the world not waking again till 1pm. I’d managed to miss yet another cooked dinner out at the local pub (Just as I did last week!).

I consoled myself by sitting down to watch the now slightly spoiled F1 race with my lunch (a bowl of cereal). As it turns out the race was still exciting enough even when knowing the overall winner and I even jumped off my seat at one point such was the tension. The race was a vast improvement over the previous debacle. Hopefully the following races will be just as good otherwise I will be forced to write a strongly written letter explaining my ideas and why they must be put into force!

I could be the new Bernie Ecclestone (F1 Supremo)….only taller.

Slow Start, Slower Finish

My day didn’t start well, I defy anyone to wake up at 2.30am and say otherwise. As soon as my alarm went off I felt slightly sick and when rising from my cosy bed the feeling didn’t get any better. It felt like the room was spinning which turned the relatively simple task of walking from one side of the room to the other into a full blown SAS mission. I hadn’t realised when I went to bed, that the boxes I’d removed from my loft that day and simply left in my room would become quite literally the first hurdle of the day. I had been quite tired when I went to bed so I probably just wasn’t paying attention to the bomb site that was and still is my bedroom.

As I walked forward toward the door I managed to stub my toe on a light fitting (I’d removed it along with the boxes the previous day) luckily I seemed to have trained myself to keep as quite as possible without knowing it as even though it came as a shock and felt…well like a really bad stubbed toe, I was able not to let out a yelp (or anything else verbally stronger but perhaps only because my voice hadn’t fully woken up yet). Thinking to myself it was going to be one of those days I forced myself into the shower even though it’s the last thing I wanted to do at that time of the morning. I would have skipped it to but unfortunately even I thought I smelt bad, normally this is no problem and I’m often proud of the stench my body can make but alas I felt I owed it to my colleagues not to make their early start any worse than it had to be (see how nice I am always putting others before my putrid aroma). As it turns out the early shower helped to wake me and I felt a lot better once I was dressed.

The drive to work is normally pretty boring but today due to the tiredness it felt a lot worse and would say that today was the closest I’ve ever come to falling asleep at the wheel. My eyes felt pained to have been ripped open so early and I was forced to turn the radio up and open a window letting the crisp morning air blast into my car as I did 70 along the motorway. I arrived at work safely and shockingly for me, early! I wandered inside the building to discover that I was the first there and annoyingly I couldn’t clock in as all the clock in cards were locked away in the supervisors office meaning that no one would know of my achievement. The day went slowly downhill from there and being Saturday there really wasn’t a lot to do resulting in me taking a three hour breakfast break. I shouldn’t complain but I can’t stand being sat in work doing nothing as that’s when time drags (I think today time may even have started to go into reverse when a repeat of Coronation Street was put on the TV)

At 12.30 with the shift finally over I headed home (luckily I’d woken up by now and the drive home was relatively painless) and as soon as I stepped through the door I put on the Formula 1 qualifying. I’d managed not to hear the results all morning and was looking forward to catching up, unfortunately my body wasn’t so excited and proceeded to keep closing my eyes every few minutes, each time closing for slightly longer. It was a long battle that lasted almost the entire qualifying session and once I’d seen all the action I finally settled down of the sofa to have a kip. Enter dad, wanting to go to B&Q. damn! (We all know why men really like B&Q) I felt obliged as I’d put off going yesterday, so off we went.

One happy dad, one zombie son in tow.

I finally managed to fall asleep around 6 o’clock all be it only for 10 minutes and I’ve got just enough energy now to re-set all the clocks in the house before bed, so that I’m not late for work tomorrow. Plus if I do it now I’ll be one full hour ahead of everyone else, I hope this one hour future is different, full of robots and flying cars.

Hmm I may have just stumbled on a way to win the lotto, here’s hoping I have a better end to the day than I did start!

All You Can Eat

I’m attempting to write today’s entry whilst listening to the rugby on the BBC iPlayer. I’d prefer to be watching it but time is against me. I need to be getting to bed early so that I can be up for work at 2.30am so I’m having to do the two things at once. I’m not sure why there are people that want to go on holiday at that time of night, when I go away in July I’m going on a nice afternoon flight meaning that I get to have a lie in and still have plenty of time to panic about all the things I’ve forgotten to buy. It does mean that I’ll get there in the evening but at least I won’t have to spend the first day sleeping after the tiredness of the travelling.

I should point out also that I’m paying for this holiday in full, even though I work in the airline industry. Yep, unlike those cheeky striking BA staff I don’t get any free travel (well they don’t either now but that’s their own fault) Don’t get me started on the BA staff, let’s just say I don’t agree with their actions.

I managed to be productive once again today, which is an achievement after the night of alcohol and all you can eat Chinese I had. All you can eat restaurants are very clever things, the owners know that most people end up overfilling their plates on their first trip up to the counter, meaning that the average person will only end up eating the amount served in a normal eatery. I tried my best to buck the system by piling the food on to my plate and successfully managed to clear my plate and even went on to steal a couple of chips from my girlfriend’s side of the table. I refilled my plate a second time but within just a few mouthfuls I was done, unable to eat a bite more. I tried to have more to drink hoping that it would make me burp and therefore clearing some internal space but alas I had to admit defeat, another victory for the all you can eat brand.

I think the long lie in I had helped motivate me and once I got back home from my girlfriend’s house I went straight to work pricing up more of my collectibles. It’s quite a hard task that involves searching through lots of different specialist websites (no not that kind) and comparing how much they are selling for on the second hand market. The downside is that the last time I sold one of my statues it got badly damaged in the post and I ended up making a loss from the sale, this time I will make sure that I have a mountain of bubble wrap (doing my best not to pop it all before use) and making sure the packaging is bomb proof.

I was happy to find that one of my figures is now quite rare and worth more than I thought. With any luck I’ll have them all listed at the start of next week, I can’t wait to make some money for a change. I did manage to apply for a job yesterday which makes a nice change as if feels like ages since I’ve seen anything suitable. It’s amazing just how many call centre and work from home schemes there are clogging up the major job websites and trying to sift through them all to see the good jobs is getting harder by the day.

I certainly won’t be winning the euro millions tonight on account of me forgetting to put it on. Still there’s always the lotto tomorrow.

Do you want to see my wobbly bits?

Why is it whenever I want to go somewhere it rains? Since I’ve got the day off I thought I’d put my free admission to the local castle to good use. The man upstairs it seems had other ideas (I’m referring to god, not some random man that lives above me and throws water at me whenever I leave my house). With the weather not playing ball I decided to put myself to work taking pictures of all the collectables I want to sell. This took quite some time as I had to get each collectables original box out from the loft. The loft is not for the faint of heart as there’s all manner of creepy crawlies in there, none of them quite as creepy as me though so they don’t really bother me.

To get into the loft is relatively simple as it’s in my bedroom (I’m in a converted attic) so it’s a simple case of opening a small door at one end of my room. Still once inside you take your life in your hands as the floor drops away without warning at one end and as there is no lighting if you drop the torch there’s a strong chance you’ll never make it out alive. The fact that there is a wall of boxes built up alongside one wall makes manoeuvring near impossible meaning that if you enter forward that’s the way you come out, leaving in reverse if you like.

As you probably guessed by now I did make it out to blog another day, managing not to start an avalanche of old computer boxes. Though I did make myself jump at one point when a bag I later discovered was marked ‘sheep’ started bleating at me. It’s all that remains from the time my mum had an obsession with sheep toys (by that I mean little cuddly toys in the shape of sheep, not toys sheep play with, that would just be plain weird). It’s not the best obsession to have when you live in Wales and certainly doesn’t do the stereotype any good.

I’ve been working quite hard since I got up so writing today’s blog is somewhat of a break. I always have a browse of the Internet whilst I’m writing just in case I see anything worth talking about. Only occasionally do I see something interesting (Sir Stirling Moss falling down a lift shaft being one of them). Today I’ve spotted something that raised an eyebrow as it features something that will more than likely be coming to my place of work. It’s the body scanners that can see through clothes and a security guard has been caught ogling the naked form of a colleague. I’m not too bothered about the ogling if I’m honest, what does intrigue me is the fact that anyone would find the blue outline of a body part alluring. We’ve all seen the images the machine takes and there not exactly saucy, take the image below for example;

A perv at work

Actually now I look at that picture I can see why you might get a thrill. Yum look at those love handles and that rather sexy saggy arse, all in a tantalising silhouette. I might try and get myself a job in security so I can look at these white blobs some more because there’s defiantly no other way of seeing naked people on the Internet in your own time, a job in security is the ONLY way. What a reason to lose your job, try explaining your way out of that one at your next job interview! I myself can’t wait to be ogled…it’ll make a nice change.

One last short point I want to bring up in today’s entry: I started yesterday’s blog with some comical bad news (the rise of duty on cider) but today saw some actual bad news. Not for myself but for some friends who have all just been made redundant. I really hope everything works out for them and wish them all the best!

What’s that Darling?

Received bad news today, cider is having its duty increased by 10%! (Typical from a man called Darling) Cider has managed to stay under the tax radar for many years now, well it’s not really a proper alcoholic drink is it. This is proved by teenagers on street corners, none of them drink it for fear of ridicule, so it surly can’t be placed in the same tax band as white lightning. No, cider is for the man with taste – I’m on dangerous ground here, I may have just described myself as having taste! That can’t be right. I’ve always been a cider drinker, not just because I can’t handle my drink (which if I’m honest I really can’t) but also because it doesn’t taste like rats urine unlike many of the top lagers . Plus it has (or rather had) the added bonus of often being significantly cheaper. Oh well I’ll have to come up with a new plan for getting plastered on the cheap.

I often wonder where we come up with all these expressions for getting drunk. Getting plastered, that’s a bit of an odd one for a start. So what I’m saying there is that I want to go out and find a tradesman to plaster me…no I’m certainly not saying that at all! One comedian once stated that you can use anything you like to describe your inebriated state and he’s absolutely right. If I said that tonight I’m going to get completely picture framed you’d know exactly what I meant. I wish I got drunk more often because it would give me the chance to see just how random I could make my descriptions and see if there comes a point where people start looking at my with blank expressions (well more than they do now at any rate). You could pick any house hold item and it would probably still work, how about an iron. I can hear it now “Oh yes, I’m going to get some serious ironing done tonight lads!” Obviously that statement wouldn’t work for everyone, if your mum said it you probably wouldn’t immediately think she was off on the town but if your average 20 year old said it you’d know something was up.

Shame I hardly ever go out these days. I did manage to get slightly bungalowed (still with me) the other night but before that it was at least 2 months since the previous drinking session (unless I had a really good night out recently that I can no longer remember). Although tomorrow I’m out for an all you can eat Chinese so I’m sure drinking will come into it at some point!

Today was my one day in work this week and it wasn’t even a long shift. If I’m honest out of a six hour shift I probably did two hours work. It’s nice to get paid to do nothing but it would be nicer to have more hours, more work and therefore more money at the end of each month. As it is I opened my monthly joke, sorry I mean payslip and did what I do every month…pray to the payslip gods that there has been a mistake that no one has spotted so that I find hundreds of thousands deposited into my account. A boy can dream! It was funny to see how some people change in the presents of so called top brass. We had one of the airline managers visiting and suddenly people started running round like we don’t normally do things properly. Luckily I wasn’t blinded by the light that apparently shines out of this manager’s arse and was able to complete my job like I do it every day. If I only ever did my job properly when there was a manager around It would be pretty bad customer service and I’m sure I’d have lots of complaints from passengers. As it is I haven’t so I’ll keep doing the same thing till someone tells me different.

Oh well I shall put my two days off to good use putting a few things up for sale and of course continuing the job hunt. I really shouldn’t compare it to hunting because if it was a real hunt I would have starved to death long before now.

Will Work For £££

I’m currently very jealous, my mates just got himself a flat. I didn’t even know he was really looking for one, last I heard he was expecting to move out January next year. We’d arrange to have a night in at his parents house a few days previously for a few drinks and a take away. It wasn’t until I was about to leave my house that he let on something was up. I received a text message giving me directions to, as he put it ‘a change of venue’. I just assumed that we’d be meeting him in a pub first but when I arrived I found myself turning into a road marked luxury apartments. Thinking I may have taken a wrong turn I rang him and was told he be there in a minute, it wasn’t until I saw him that he told me, the swine!

The flat more resembles a holiday home situated in a large gated complex with access to a swimming pool, gym and a sauna! I could easily see myself living there and did try to lock my friend out when he nipped out for a few minutes. Unfortunately I couldn’t work out how to deadlock the door and he managed to get back in, shame as that’s currently the only way I could get a place like that!

He and his girlfriend provided a great night of (drinking) entertainment and I was more than please when I awoke to find I didn’t have a hangover which is rather shocking for the amount I drank. I was even more please that my girlfriend didn’t have a hangover either meaning that my car would stay clear of vomit on the drive home!

It’s really highlighted for me the fact that I have no savings at all to put to good use. I’m always living in my overdraft and it’s become a real pain not having any disposable cash. There is one way that I could make around £2000 in a relatively short period of time. A few years back I started collecting movie and comic book themed statues, their fairly expensive to buy as there are normally only 500 or so of each statue ever made. Due to this limited nature they sell for quite a lot on the second hand market, the most expensive I own was bought for £300 but is now worth in the region of £600, a nice little profit. It was always my intention to sell them on and with my bank balance in the red and work drying up it may be time to part with them. It’s no great shame I’ve had my fill of them and to be honest don’t look at them all that much anymore and it sure beats selling myself (I certainly wouldn’t make any money that way)

I’m not making any decent money by working either. I’m in tomorrow for 5 hours then off for yet another two days, I’m really not sure what I should be doing with all these days off (apart from looking for a new job of course) and doing nothing doesn’t make for good blog inspiration. Maybe I need a hobby, then again I’d probably choose something that costs a fortune to get started, just like the time I bought a model space shuttle kit. It seemed like a good idea at the time but £30 worth of paint and one half finished model later, I decided modelling wasn’t for me.

No, what I need is something that’s going to pay me….err, answers on the back of a postcard please.

What’s My Name Again?

An early blog again today since I’m out tonight visiting friends and generally getting drunk. I don’t much feel like excusing myself half way through the evening to write an entry, that would not only be rude but writing drunk is never a good idea. Though I’ve never tried it (two pints is the most I ever consumed before attempting to write) so who knows maybe the drunken me would be more entertaining if not a little more foul mouthed.

I had a great lie in today, I won’t lie and say it was much needed but I made the most of it none the less waiting a good hour after waking to get up. I didn’t even bother getting dressed and as I write this am still in my dressing gown. Well what’s the point? I’m not planning to go anywhere till this evening and if anyone comes to the door I’ll simply not answer. Once again I haven’t done anything worth blogging about making the experiment harder for myself to complete (not intentionally I’m just lazy). All I’ve done this morning is watch a film that randomly appeared on my sky+ planner called The Hudsucker Proxy. I’ve never even heard of it let alone seen it (making its appearance in the planner even more of a mystery) so I watched it not knowing anything about it. That’s probably the best way to watch any film as there’s no hype to live up to and unlike when you’ve had the movies trailer rammed in your face a hundred times you’ve haven’t seen a single frame of film.

As I sat down to watch, the cast list flashed up on screen one by one, Tim Robbins (good start), Bruce Campbell (been a fan of his since Evil Dead) and Paul Newman (acting legend). Plus it was written by the Coen brothers (Fargo, The Big Lebowski), I was sold. The film didn’t disappoint with the Coens regular style of comic timing and dark humour. The story centres on one man’s sudden rise to the top of a major company, from the mail room in which he started that very day. Tim Robbins plays the pawn of the greedy board members whose plan is to make more money by installing an idiot as company president. To say the plan doesn’t quite come to fruition isn’t giving anything away. If you’re in the mood for a film with intellect yet will still make you laugh, track down this film.

The only other thing I’ve managed to do today is save my sanity. Don’t you hate it when you can’t remember the name of a film? All I had to go on was one line ‘Man are you uuuuuugly’ said in a strange voice. Do you know it? Give yourself a minute before reading on.

Give up…..its The Lion King of course and the line is said by one of the hyenas (if you did get that without looking at the answer I hate you). It took me all of yesterday evening and pretty much all of this morning to remember but now I can finally rest safe in the knowledge that I’ve staved off Alzheimer’s for another day. It really does piss me off when I can’t remember something simple like that (and as a film fan that really is a simple thing to remember). Its worse when trying to remember something basic like someone’s name, I really envy people who can meet a person and instantly remember their name. I’ve never been able to do it and it normally takes me a few weeks to finally etch it into my brain. I’m quite glad that we now live in a world where it’s acceptable to call everyone mate, it saves a lot of hassle and at the very least gives me an extra week of learning time.

Still I haven’t forgotten my own name so far, so I there’s no need to panic just yet!