One Lazy Day

Getting up this morning took everything I had, I was due to start work at 4am and left it as late as I could before moving from my bed. Driving to work I had to turn my music up and open a window just to stop myself falling asleep at the wheel. Still today was only a short 6 hour shift and most of that was taken up with training and whilst doing that I wouldn’t have to do anything but listen (which if I’m honest I didn’t really do a lot of). By 10am my working day was done.

Once home I settled down on the sofa watching ‘Married Single Other’. I don’t think the show is really aimed at me but I like it none the less and it stars a young actor with the biggest eyes in showbiz. I doubt that that’s how his agent markets him but if he doesn’t he’s an idiot. Even when the show starts to drag the anticipation of a close up on these massive orbs is enough to keep me glued to the screen. (I’m willing to bet sci-fi writers are chomping at the bit to sign him up to play an alien in their new shows).

I decided as the credits rolled that I couldn’t stay awake any longer and so went back to bed, I didn’t wake until gone 3pm which even I have to admit is lazy. As I woke I thought about all the things that I could have done with my day but managed to justify my laziness by telling myself if I’d had stayed up I would just simply have fallen asleep on the sofa and spent the rest of the day being miserable. So what was I going to do now I was awake again, I could have gone for a run or done some gardening or even just tidied the house a bit. I chose option D which involved me parking my arse back on the sofa I left 4 hours ago and turning on the TV.

I really must stop being so lazy but to be honest I didn’t feel to great and have developed a slight cough, annoying since it’s the tickly variety that makes you want to cough every time you breath. I thought that the TV might take my mind off it and before I knew it I’d watched three more shows at an hour each (Skins, True Blood and Caprica). Was this the best use of my time, no. Am I a better person for watching them, probably not. I did enjoy it though so it wasn’t a complete waste of time.

I’ve had time to reflect of yesterday’s blog as well and whilst sounding like the ramblings of a madman it did give me a great idea for a book. It would take the form of a children’s book for adults if that makes any sense. Perhaps a better way to describe it would be to say that when you picked up the book you would (from the front cover) assume that it was for children but once you opened it and read a few lines you see otherwise. It would only work if it was a completely mad story and would have strong influences from TV shows like Scrubs, The Mighty Boosh and to some extent Spaced. Taking each shows approach to randomness and putting it in to word form.

It’s just a thought, one of a few hundred swimming around in my head, who knows if I would (or even should) take it any further. ‘Urkle the Angry Horse’ may have more adventures yet!