Indicating Madness

I’m trying to get today’s blog written nice and early since my sister and her fiancé are coming down from London for the weekend. Already my mum has turned the house upside down cleaning and dusting every surface. I’m not very amused that my cinema room (it’s basically a spare room that houses a 50inch TV) has been turned into a bedroom and with over £5000 worth of equipment in there I’m more than a little worried.

The fact that my room has been invaded by a large fold out bed means I can’t get to my computer so I’m having to write today’s entry on my mums laptop. I’m finding it strangely annoying as I’m struggling to get into the blog writing mindset. Although saying that I do have a nice view of the garden and the surrounding mountains whilst I type (which would be nicer still if it wasn’t raining). Also writing the blog early means I haven’t really done anything worth blogging about. The only thing I’ve done is made a trip to B&Q where unfortunately no one had any comical falls and as far as I’m aware there were no robberies that would spice up my blog. Though on the way back I did nearly die, yea that’s probably worth a mention. Travelling back home from the store involves joining a particularly bad roundabout where basically you take your life in your hand and hope for the best. It’s a little unfair to say it’s the roundabouts fault when in actual fact it is of course the muppets that fail to indicate properly. How can you get such a simple task as indicating wrong? These idiots keep on indicting as if to go round the roundabout when in actual fact they turn off meaning that your left sitting there whilst the traffic builds up behind! Or they fail to indicate at all leaving you guessing as to there intentions.

In today’s case the woman causing the near fatal accident was indicating to leave the island when what she actually did was carry on round. This meant that when my dad (who was driving at the time) put his foot down the woman almost went into the side of us! Had my dad not realised what was going to happen sooner and slammed on the brakes no doubt we would have got to meet the silly cow in person as she made her way through our car at speed.

I’d have been pretty annoyed if I had died I can tell you. The fact that we have guests coming means nice food and I really hate missing a good meal. I’m not sure why my mum always insisting on buying the really nice stuff when we have guests, it only my sister after all (she well aware of the rubbish we normally buy). The regular suspects found in the fridge normally have the word ‘value’ written in front of the food name but when the guests are coming that word is replaced with ‘finest’. I know this to be true even before she’s gone shopping and could probably tell you everything that will end up in the shopping trolley and that would definitely include a trifle, this families party food of choice.

Before I gorge myself on Tesco’s finest trifle I’m hoping to make a trip to the local castle. I’ve lived near this castle for over 7 months now and I still haven’t been inside it. The main excuse is that as I am a local resident I can get in free but to take advantage of this fantastic offer I have to take a passport sized photo to the tourist information centre and have a card made up. This really does prove how lazy I am as I cant even be arsed to do something that saves me money. All that will change today as I’ve finally got a photo and so all I need to do now is walk down the road and get my free card…maybe I should drive it is a good 5 minute walk after all!