It’s 9.50pm and I’m only just now sitting down to write today’s blog. I managed to have a fairly nice line in this morning but still had to force myself to get up at 10.30 so that I could help my dad pick up some soil from the garden centre. Is it wrong that I had to force myself up at that time? Possibly. But as always I felt I needed a lie in after all the early starts over the years (the fact I didn’t get to sleep till gone 1am didn’t really help matters).

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I hate blogging at this time of night as I seem to run out of ideas. Its times like these that I wish I never came up with the rule that I have to write a blog every day. Other daily blogs have an entry for each day but can be written days after, with mine having to be written either on or before the day can be a real pain. There’s no way I’m admitting defeat yet as tomorrow will see the second full month of blogging which amazes no one more than me I can assure you.

It’s been a rather strange ride with me discussing all sorts of topics and generally getting things off my chest. I’m still not sure if it’s making me a better writer but I guess the practise is doing me good and I’ve written more than I have since school (probably more). I wonder if this blog would look the same if I’d kept some kind of journal through my school years. I certainly wouldn’t have put it online (even if technology had allowed) as when you’re young you don’t always say what you truly feel for fear of being insulted for your beliefs and ideas. I’m older now and much thicker skinned meaning I can ramble on like this and not care if some stop reading after the first few lines.

I wish I’d felt like that in my school days and been able to stand up for myself more, it certainly would have made for an easier ride. Still that’s the wisdom of age I suppose, even at 24.

Tomorrow when we wake not only will my blog be another month old but we (in Wales at least) will be living I the future, a true digital age. From midnight tonight all analogue television signals will cease, replaced by a digital feed. I’m not sure why they chose Wales to be the first fully digital nation in the UK but I suspect its due to our people verses sheep ratio i.e. the more the sheep there are the lower the amount of television sets and there are a hell of a lot of sheep’s. I’m sure most people already had some kind of digital equipment in their homes well before the digital switchover announcement, except of course for those in the deep valley’s where their lucky just to get a radio signal.

In honour of the switch over today’s blog title spells ‘blog’ in binary (I did have to Google it, I’m not that much of a geek!)

Wenvoe, the last of the transmitters to be switched over, is making a big song and dance about it all the same and whilst driving home from my girlfriend’s house I could see lazars shooting up into the night sky. Bloody irresponsible if you ask me, they were most distracting. Though you can’t blame them for wanting to have a party, not a lot happens in Wales and so any chance for some entertainment is welcomed. Even the arrival of the new food recycling bins recently was cause for celebration, with adverts in the local paper and large welcome packs posted through every door.

Strange what some will celebrate, some would even celebrate this blog…not the blog in its current form obviously but rather when it finally fails and get wiped from the memories of its handful of readers.