Why I Blog

I often wonder why it is I love to write Blogs. It’s true to say that I ask myself this question most when struggling to come up with something to write about. We’ve all been there, the dreaded ‘writers block’ but if you want to write you need to find a way around it.

In the early days my blog took the form of a challenge in which I set myself the task of writing a thousand words everyday for as long as I could. I didn’t expect it to last long but managed a, not pitiful, 4 months. I would often end up writing two blogs in a day when I knew work would prevent me posting the following day. It was often a struggle but the sense of satisfaction that came from finishing a blog is something that I still feel to this day.

On the good days I’ll have so many ideas flowing out of me that I end up writing down bullet points that I can go back to and pick at for even more ideas as I type. The page fills quickly in front of my eyes and the cursor become a blur. Of course there’s the other side, the days where your fingers hardly touch the keyboard and when they do it’s to delete the little work you’ve done, considering it inadequate, knowing you can do better.

But if you have a passion, as I do for writing, then you must take the bad days with the good and somehow it’ll all balance out.

So I guess my answer to the question why do you blog would simply be “because I enjoy it”

If you’re a fellow blogger, what drives you to blog?

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6 thoughts on “Why I Blog

  1. I’ve loved writing ever since I could remember, and I love to travel and take photos as well, hence my blog is one that combines both. As much as I want to share with the world my experiences in travelling, my blog serves as a personal archive for me to look back on in the future, like a memory bank, I guess ;)

    • I read so much about how to get more visits of your blog and don’t get me wrong a few more readers would be great but I really think you have to write for yourself to start with. That’s how my love of writing has taken a hold.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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