Attack from above!

At around 4.10am this morning, for a good 2 minutes, I was convinced that someone or something was trying to kill me. The sound came out of nowhere waking me from my sleep, emanating from the roof directly above me. What ever it was it meant only one thing, I was moments from death.

That was of course before I’d fully woken. It’s true to say I was startled and did spend a good five minutes after the noise occurred trying to re-locate my heart and put in back safe within my chest. But I soon realised that I was not under attack.

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Tackling writers block

Yesterday I mentioned writers block so I thought today I’d write down a few things that may help you overcome you’re mental block.

Get away from the your computer – often the best thing to do when your stuck is simply stop trying for a bit. Be it an hour or a day, give yourself a chance to refresh your brain.

Take a walk – It’s amazing what inspiration comes from a short walk

Make some notes – create a list of topics you might like to blog about in the future. You’ll soon have an ocean of ideas to dive into at a moment’s notice.

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Why I Blog

I often wonder why it is I love to write Blogs. It’s true to say that I ask myself this question most when struggling to come up with something to write about. We’ve all been there, the dreaded ‘writers block’ but if you want to write you need to find a way around it.

In the early days my blog took the form of a challenge in which I set myself the task of writing a thousand words everyday for as long as I could. I didn’t expect it to last long but managed a, not pitiful, 4 months. I would often end up writing two blogs in a day when I knew work would prevent me posting the following day. It was often a struggle but the sense of satisfaction that came from finishing a blog is something that I still feel to this day.

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The One Where I’m Tired and Cant Be Arsed Writing!

It’s once again time for me to start tapping away and submit another entry to this simplest of Blogs. It’s just a quick update today as the matchsticks keeping my eyes open won’t hold much longer. I always seen to start writing after finishing work and it definitely helps me unwind or unload if you will. I’m not sure if I’ve ever really explained what it is I do at stupid o’clock everyday so why don’t I give you the briefest of explanations. As an aircraft dispatcher it’s my responsibility to get passenger aircraft on time (sometimes easier said than done). During this ‘turn around’ of aircraft I decide and ensure all bags are loaded in the correct place, create the Captains Loadsheet (the document the captain uses to ‘set up’ the aircrafts computers for flight and shows the trim of the aircraft). I’ll then count up all the bags loaded to make sure the final figure agrees with the checked in load to make sure no one has sneaked any extra’s on board. Then once I’m happy (It does happen) I sign over the aircraft to the Captain and away he goes.

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My First ‘Tech’

I’m so bored at this very moment in time that even sitting down to write this short blog entry seems like a mammoth task. So why then, you may ask, am I doing it at all, when no bugger reads the thing. I may be being overly harsh when I suggest this blogs lack of readership numbers. WordPress (the host of this blog) tells me otherwise. In a multitude of stats and charts I can see that at least a handful of misguided, misinformed or simply even drunk Internet users stumble across this assortment of ramblings and half thought out ideas from time to time.

I’m persevering simply to test myself. If I were to write for a living (however remote the chances of that may be) I’m sure there would be many times when writing would be the last thing I’d want to do. With that lack of will in mind I’ll continue.

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