5 Strange things I believed as a child

When you are young you are stupid. Fact!

Here are a few things that I believed as a child that proves the point above.

1. A blanket can protect you…

As a child I would never put so much as a toe outside my blanket for fear of a monster/deranged maniac cutting it off! At night the blanket would become the most protective material known to man. Had a monster/deranged manic ever entered my room late at night, sorely disappointed they would be.

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Stop, Drop And Travel

Illuminatable Earth globe, Columbus, type WB34...

Where on Earth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you ever have that feeling that you just need to get away. That urge to just drop everything and go somewhere, do something you’ve never done before. I do. There’s a list of places I’d love to visit, Japan, America, Australia amongst others but it doesn’t even have to be that far, a trip to France would be nice. It would be nice if it wasn’t for all the French people who live there spoiling the place.

I keep coming back to the idea that I might be having a mid-life crisis but at just 26 I’m cutting my life extremely short by suggesting I’m already at the halfway point. If it is a mid-life crisis it seems only to be manifesting itself in the need to get away, so far I’ve managed to avoid any urges to buy a sports car. Quite the opposite, I’ve just downgraded from a car so addicted to petrol I was considering sending it to the Betty Ford clinic, to a much more sensible Peugeot.

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You had me at NUT’s

Magazine spread

If only I'd chosen Spice Times

Gents, if you’re a user of public transport or you’ve finally got that restraining order sorted and regularly find yourself in the presence of female company this next piece of advice may serve you well:  Always read a magazine you wouldn’t mind lending to a pretty woman. This may seem like a strange thing to suggest but trust me when you find yourself in the situation I found myself in a few years back it’ll make sense!

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The holiday report

It’s been a while since I’ve written any kind of blog due to my predictable nature to become bored of things as soon as I spend any money (the daily blog failed soon after a paid for the web address). Well I’m back! For how long? Your guess is as good as mine, although I do know that the daily blog is dead and this site will now serve as a place to outlet my crazy in small doses. Maybe once a week or rather more likely every other month. The first of these small doses of crazy to be taken visually (you may wish to hold your nose whilst taking as so to numb any grammatical bad taste) is on the subject of my first holiday in three years (gasp!). The destination is Egypt. Your hero in this tale, well I’d like to say me as its fair to say I feature quite heavily throughout but alas I fear ‘life’ is the real hero here and I a mere imbecile in my holiday shorts.

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Right where was I? In yesterdays blog I was forced to cut short my account of the day leaving the rest for today.

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After the castle we went off to Argos to buy a tent! Our first home (of sorts), we’d gone for a nice one that has one bedroom and comes with a massive garden (depending on where you pitch it). There is a slight lack of basic amenities such as running water and electricity but from what I hear that’s what all first homes are like. We plan on taking the tent on a short holiday, it’s obviously our holiday not the tents as the tent will be working….as a tent funnily enough.

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