‘Unremarkable me’ sums me up pretty well. I can’t think of anything thing that really sets me apart from anyone else. Of course I am different, we all are, in height, weight and shoe size but me, a six foot tall, 11 stone, size 10 shoe wearing man am decidedly unremarkable.

During my childhood I distinctly remember that one day I was going to be recruited by NASA for a top secret mission that only I could succeed in. As yet that has not happened…probably due to budget cuts.

I’m not sure when it happened, me being so unremarkable, I dreamed of so much but somewhere on the way to adulthood things didn’t quite go to plan. My need to be noticed and reassured by friends disappeared, I became my own critic and I was harsh. I’m beginning to wonder if that need has resurfaced again. You could argue that this blog is proof of that need to be acknowledged. I type words into sentences, send them out into the world hoping that someone reads and maybe even identifies with my thoughts.

So along with the everyday posts on life I’ll be asking the question ‘Can unremarkable me do something remarkable?’ With an aim to be, ok maybe not remarkable but at the very least someone slightly less unremarkable…